Building High Mileage Tyres Since 1909

^ 'More Wear, Less Grief': Falls & Mastercraft tyres built a reputation for high mileage.


Beginning in 1909, The Falls Rubber Company manufactured Falls brand tyres and Evergreen tubes for the fast-growing market of motorised buggies and Model A’s. At that time, Falls was one of the more than 40 companies in the state of Ohio engaged in the rubber business.

For 25 years the company operated a single factory in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, near Cleveland. Eventually the Falls brand was applied to inner tubes as well as tyres. One of the unique elements of Falls products was the “vulc-annealed” process used in tyre production. The term was contained in the company logo and referred to a special slowcooling process after curing which prevented Falls tyres and tubes from becoming brittle.

In 1930, The Falls Rubber Company was purchased by The Giant Tire & Rubber Company and The Cooper Corporation, both located in Findlay, Ohio. The firms were joined under a holding company called Master Tire & Rubber Company, but they continued to run separately. Mastercraft was a brand of Falls tyres used by the company since its beginning. Perhaps this strong, merchandisable name was the inspiration for the Master Tire corporate name.

In 1946, Master Tire was changed to Cooper Tire & Rubber Company in recognition of the largest of the company’s three brands. Each brand continued to be marketed separately, although the company consolidated all other operations.

In 1995, the word “Falls” was deleted from the logo and “Mastercraft Tires” became the tradestyle for the brand.

Today, the Mastercraft brand is a rapidly growing product line for the Cooper Tire Company. Targeted to large wholesale distributors and retailers around the world, Mastercraft Tires are becoming well-known for their quality and value.

falls-cords3 Falls-Vulc-annealed-logo Falls-Roadmaster-tyre
^ Unique to Falls tyres: One of the unique elements of Falls tyres was the 'vulc-anneaked' process in tyre production - a special slow-cooling process after curing which prevented tyres and tubes from becoming brittle.
> 'The ultimate in beauty, safety, distinction':  The Falls Roadmaster Deluxe rayon white wall tyre was Fall's first new tyre after World War II
 ^ Guaranteed to last: Since its beginnings in 1909, Mastercraft Tires has earned a reputation for building high mileage tyres and is now the only car tyre in Australia with a mileage guarantee up to 60,000 kilometres.
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