Welcome to Mastercraft Tires

Since its beginnings in 1909 Mastercraft Tires has earned a reputation for building high mileage tyres and 100 years later continues to build car tyres to today’s highest American quality standards.

Mastercraft Tyres guaranteed to last up to 60,000 kilometres*
American drivers travel long distances on highways and demand a tyre that gives high mileage. That’s why Mastercraft tyres are built with deeper, wider tread compared to many original tyres to give you more mileage. Mastercraft Tires' latest high mileage tyre - the Touring LSR - for passenger cars, minivans and small SUV's has a mileage guarantee of 60,000kms Australia wide.
Mastercraft Tyres give you Complete Peace of Mind
You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that great quality tyres are between you and the road every time you get behind the wheel. Mastercraft Tires come with an Australia-wide lifetime replacement warranty against manufacturing faults for the life of the tyre. 
Mastercraft Tires still making tyres for Muscle Cars, Hot Rods and Classic Car
During its 100 year history Mastercraft Tires designed tyres to suit the vehicles of the time. Now that many of those vehicles have become today's collectibles Mastercraft Tires has continued to make white wall tyres for Classic Cars and 'fatboy' tyres for Muscle Cars and Hot Rods.

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